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If you have any details on players not included on this page (there are many I can't find details for) or pictures and specifications for existing laserdisc players please email any details.

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Pioneer Remote Control Part Numbers (.pdf file 100k)
Pioneer LG-1 LD&G Decoder
Pioneer LaserDisc Storage Racks
Pioneer DA1

Pioneer R-1000 CX Noise Reduction
Pioneer RFD-1 AC3 Demodulator

PC - RS-232 Control Software & MCI Drivers

Pioneer Laserdisc Control and Apple Macs

Archive Laserdisc Players- Analogue & Digital
Archive Laserdisc Combi Players
Archived Laserdisc/DVD Combi Players


Pioneer PR-7820/Model 3 also see MCA PR-7820

Pioneer VP-1000


Pioneer LD-1000 (1981)
Pioneer LD-1100 (1981)
Pioneer LD-200


Pioneer LD-600 (1982)
Pioneer LD-660 (1982)
Pioneer LD-V1000
& LD-V1001 (1982)


Pioneer LD-7000 (1983)

Pioneer LD-700 (1983)


Pioneer CLD-9000 (1984)
Pioneer CLD-900 (1984)
Pioneer LD-5000 (1984)
Pioneer PR-8210 (1984)
Pioneer PR-8210A
Pioneer LD-V6000 (Military Case) 
Pioneer LD-V6000A
models manufactured until 1991.
Pioneer LD-V4000


Pioneer LD-8100 (1985)
Pioneer LD-5100 (1985)
Pioneer LD-X710 (1985)
Pioneer LD-7100 (1985)


Pioneer CLD-7 (1986)

Pioneer LD-7200 (1986)

Pioneer LD-8200D (1986)
Pioneer LD-9200D (1986)
Pioneer LD-S1 (1986)


Pioneer CLD-1010 (1987)
Pioneer CLD-99S (1987)
Pioneer CLD-3030 (1987)
Pioneer CLD-70 (1987)
Pioneer LD-V4100 (1987)


Pioneer CLD-77 (1988)
Pioneer LD-W1 (1988)
Pioneer LD-V6010A (1988)
Pioneer LD-838D (1988)
Pioneer CLD-1200 (1988)
Pioneer CLD-770 (1988)


Pioneer LD-X1 (1989)

Pioneer CLD-1030 (1989)
Pioneer CLD-1070 (1989)
Pioneer CLD-2070
Pioneer CLD-3070
Pioneer CLD-909 (Japanese Version)
Pioneer LD-V2000
Pioneer LD-870 (1989)
Pioneer CLD-V500 (1989)


Pioneer CLD-1450 (1990)
AC3/Dolby Digital Upgrade &
NTSC 3.58MHz Upgrade
Pioneer CLD-1400 (1990)
NTSC 3.58MHz Upgrade
Pioneer CLD-1500
Pioneer Elite CLD-91 (1990)
Pioneer Elite LD-S2
Pioneer CLD-980
Pioneer CLD-1080
Pioneer CLD-2080
Pioneer CLD-3080
Pioneer CLD-3380
Pioneer LD-V4200 (1990)


Pioneer CLD-1600 (1991)

Pioneer CLD-600 (1991)
Pioneer CLD-2600

Pioneer CLD-1090
(1991) AC3/Dolby Digital Upgrade
Pioneer CLD-3390 (1991)
Pioneer CLD-05 (1991)
Pioneer CLD-3090 (1991)
Pioneer LD-V2100 (1991)

Pioneer CLD-V710 (1991)
Pioneer CLD-M90 (1991)
Pioneer CLD-1190(1991)
Pioneer CLD-2090 (1991)


Pioneer LV-4300D aka (LD-V4300D for Euro Market) 1992
Pioneer CLD-1750
Pioneer CLD-1700 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-M301

Pioneer CLD-M401
Pioneer CLD-M460
(1992 - 1997)
Pioneer CLD-959 (1992) aka Pioneer Elite CLD-97 (1993)

Pioneer CLD-535 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-757 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-737 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-939 (1992)
Pioneer Elite CLD-92
Pioneer VDR-V1000 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-D701 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-D750 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-D501 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-700 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-2700 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-S201 (1992)

Pioneer CLD-S250 (1992)
Pioneer CLD-S350 (1992)
Pioneer HLD-V500 (1992)
Pioneer's First Muse Hi-Def
Pioneer CLD-95 (1992)

Pioneer Elite CLD-95 (1992)
Pioneer Elite CLD-52 (1992)

Pioneer CLD-1720K (1992)
Pioneer CLD-V820 (1992)


Pioneer CLD-K55G
Pioneer CLD-2850 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-M5 (1993)

Pioneer CLD-800 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive (1993)
 AC3/Dolby Digital Upgrade

Pioneer CLD-02 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-D502 (1993)

Pioneer CLD-D702 (1993)
Pioneer Elite CLD-97 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-J910 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-E2000 (1993)
Pioneer HLD-V700 (1992-1998)
Pioneer CLD-1800 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-V740 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-D760 (1993)
Pioneer CLD-900 (1993)


Pioneer CLD-Z1 (1994)
Pioneer CLD-D703 (1994)
AC3/Dolby Digital Upgrade
Pioneer CLD-HF7G (1994)

Pioneer CLD-HF9G (1994)
Pioneer CLD-C1 (1994)
Pioneer CLD-C3 (1994)
Pioneer CLD-C5G

Pioneer CLD-950 (1994)
AC3/Dolby Digital Upgrade
Pioneer CLD-2950 (1993)

Pioneer CLD-1850 (1994)
Pioneer CLD-K33G (1994)
Pioneer CLD-K88G (1994)
Pioneer CLD-J420 (1994)

Pioneer HLD-1000 Muse Hi-Def (1994)

Pioneer CLD-V2300D (1994)
Pioneer CLD-150K (1994)

Pioneer CLD-D770 (1994)
Pioneer CLD-S270
Pioneer CLD-S370
Pioneer CLD-V2600

Pioneer CLD-1950

Pioneer CLD-V121G
Pioneer CLD-D503
Pioneer CLD-98


Pioneer HLD-X0 Muse Hi-Def (1995)
Pioneer LD-S9
Pioneer CLD-D704
Pioneer CLD-D604 (1995)
Pioneer CLD-D504
Pioneer CLD-D406
Pioneer Elite CLD-59
Pioneer Elite CLD-79
Pioneer Elite CLD-99  & Elite CLD-D99
Pioneer CLD-S104

Pioneer CLD-S304
Pioneer LD-V8000 circa mid 90's, player were made for several years
Pioneer CLD-V1212D


Pioneer CLD-D925 (1996)

Pioneer HLD-X9 (1996)

Pioneer DVL-9 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-D606 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-D505 (1996)

Pioneer CLD-D605
Pioneer CLD-S105 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-160K 
Pioneer CLD-R7G (1996)

Pioneer CLD-R4 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-R5 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-D590 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-D390 (1996)
Pioneer CLD-D790
Pioneer CLD-S280
Pioneer CLD-D500
Pioneer CLD-S180


Pioneer DVL-700 (1997)
Pioneer DVL-9 (1997)
Pioneer CLD-S315 (1997)
Pioneer CLD-S310 (1997)
Pioneer CLD-D515 (1997)
Pioneer Elite DVL-90 (1997)

Pioneer CLD-V5000 (1997-1999)
Pioneer CLD-D99
Pioneer CLD-V870 (1997)


Pioneer DVL-909
Pioneer CLD-V880
Pioneer CLD-110KVT
Pioneer CLD-210KVT (1998)
Pioneer CLD-S300V
Pioneer Elite DVL-91 (1998)


Pioneer DVL-919 (1999)
Pioneer DVL-H9
Pioneer DVL-V888 aka DVL-K88 (1999)

Pioneer CLD-V2800 (manufactured from mid nineties to 1999)

Pioneer DVK-900
Pioneer DVK-1000

Dates Not Yet Confirmed

Pioneer CLD-07G

Pioneer LD-707
Pioneer CLD-2720K
Pioneer CLD-D380
Pioneer CLD-1710K
Pioneer CLD-1810K
Pioneer CLD-1850
Pioneer CLD-1850K
Pioneer CLD-200K
Pioneer CLD-2290
Pioneer CLD-2590K
Pioneer CLD-2730K
Pioneer CLD-2750K
Pioneer CLD-2760K
Pioneer CLD-303
Pioneer CLD-3750K
Pioneer CLD-3760K
Pioneer CLD-901
Pioneer CLD-D1
Pioneer CLD-D550
Pioneer CLD-D560
Pioneer CLD-E2200
Pioneer CLD-J720
Pioneer CLD-J990
Pioneer CLD-J990K
Pioneer CLD-K1000
Pioneer CLD-K1100

Pioneer CLD-K80
Pioneer CLD-K800
Pioneer CLD-M450
Pioneer CLD-S303
Pioneer CLD-S310
Pioneer CLD-S315
Pioneer CLD-S330
Pioneer CLD-V101
Pioneer CLD-V190
Pioneer CLD-V202
Pioneer CLD-V2120D
Pioneer CLD-V303
Pioneer LD-V500
Pioneer CLD-V510
Pioneer CLD-V520
Pioneer CLD-V700
Pioneer LD-717
Pioneer LD-850D
Pioneer LD-V170
Pioneer LD-V180
Pioneer LD-V200
Pioneer LD-V6100
Pioneer LD-6200A
Pioneer LV-P1
Pioneer CLD-2050
Pioneer CLD-970
Pioneer CLD-616
Pioneer CLD-K11
Pioneer LC-V50
Pioneer CLD-01
Pioneer CLD-110
Pioneer CLD-F1
Pioneer CLD-PC10
Pioneer LDV-16
Pioneer LD-V2020
Pioneer CLD-R6G

Pioneer CLD-919
Pioneer L70 (Private)
Pioneer LD-V4400
Pioneer LD-V530
Pioneer LK-V32
Pioneer CLD-HF9G
Pioneer LC-V80TL
Pioneer LD-V2200
Pioneer CLD-D780
Pioneer CLD-1050
Pioneer CLD-909 (US Version) 
Pioneer CLD-D580
Pioneer CLD-V2400
Pioneer Elite CLD-52
Pioneer Elite CLD-53
Pioneer CLD-V720

Pioneer CLD-V840
Pioneer CLD-V860
Pioneer CLD-M403
Pioneer CLD-2710K
Pioneer CLD-V760
Pioneer CLD-V880
Pioneer CLD-D570
Pioneer CLD-K8V
Pioneer CLD-R5
Pioneer CLD-V250 & Pioneer CLD-V250(G)
Pioneer CLD-V300
Pioneer LD-V400
Pioneer CLD-1590K

Pioneer CLD-1580K
Pioneer CLD-1570K
Pioneer CLD-1260
Pioneer CLD-1091
Pioneer Elite CLD-92
Pioneer Elite CLD-31
Pioneer CLD-5000
Pioneer CLD-V750

Pioneer CLD-V850
Pioneer CLD-D700
Pioneer CLD-DV3
Pioneer CLD-100KV
Pioneer CLD-3760KV
Pioneer CLD-S180V
Pioneer LD-V540
Pioneer CLD-100
Pioneer CLD-200
Pioneer CLD-313
Pioneer CLD-360
Pioneer CLD-E100
Pioneer CLD-K8
Pioneer LD-K5
Pioneer LD-V3000
Pioneer CLD-R4G
Pioneer CLD-K150
Pioneer CLD-F7

Pioneer CLD-E110
Pioneer CLD-K22G
Pioneer CLD-555
Pioneer CLD-K50
Pioneer LD-E150
Pioneer LD-LK77
Pioneer CL-J75LD
Pioneer CLD-990

Pioneer CCS-LV1

Pioneer VDR-1000

Pioneer LC-330 Laserdisc Auto-Changer
Pioneer CLD-500

Pioneer CLD-8380
Pioneer CLD-E505

Pioneer CLD-J700

Pioneer LD-V18T
Laser Juke (Unknown Model)

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If you have any details on players not included on this page (there are many I can't find details for) or pictures and specifications for existing laserdisc players please email any details to

Last updated 19th March 2007


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