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Philips VP932

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture.

The shown is model 22VP932/00 (PAL). This player was used in European Dragon's Lair and Space Ace arcade machines. The pictures also shows a ribbon cable coming out from the rear of the player : it's a 5 wire standard RS-232 serial cable used to connect the player to a personal computer for video applications purposes (in arcade machines this was used to connect the player to the mainboard of the game). This player can read only analogue discs, both CAV and CLV standards.
It's very similar to 22VP931/17, which is the NTSC counterpart. This one was used in Firefox arcade machines and features a parallel interface for computer controlling purposes.

Thanks to Matteo Marioni for the details.

The archive site has a copy of the Service Manual for the VP-932. If you would like a copy please send an email requesting the manual for this player.