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Philips VP312
Industrial Model

Philips has added two new professional/industrial LD/CD players to its range, the VP 380 which lists for 1,395 and the VP 312 at 995 (both + VAT). The main differences between the two players are that the VP 380 plays both PAL and NTSC laserdiscs and offers Y/C video output too. The VP 380 is Philips' first professional multistandard player though it has previously (and uniquely) offered the ability to play both LD and CD discs in one unit. The specifications given below are for the more interesting VP 380 but are the same for the 312 where it shares functions. 

Video bandwidth is specified at 5MHz for PAL, 4.2MHz NTSC (both at -8dB) via the RGB output. Composite output is 3.3MHz (-6dB) which seems a little on the low side but is a worst case spec when the player is in CAV still-frame mode, which is always limited by PAL's 8-field sequence. In normal moving video the composite performance is better. The 380 can also transcode NTSC to PAL and vice versa. Video signal-to-noise is given at 40db. Digital audio over the 20MHz-20KHz range is specified to within -3dB with a 93db S/N ratio, a 90dB dynamic range and 84dB channel separation. Analogue signal-to-noise is 53dB or 70dB with CX and channel separation 53dB. 

Rear panel sockets include an RS-232, a 21-pin Scan, phono audio left and right, phono digital out, video phono output, 5-pin Y/C and a socket for the optional wired remote control. 

Philips claims high reliability for the player with a 25,000 hour MTBF (mean time between failure). The player is finished in off-white. It measures 420 x 125 x 415mm (wxh x d) and weighs 9kg. Typical power consumption is given at 50 watts. 

A volume controlled headphone socket is provided on the front panel which has no status readout other than a handful of function lights and just an open/close and play/stop controls. The player incorporates a character generator that can overlay 8 colour text in 12 rows of up to 24 characters. Program sequences up to 16 steps can be compiled by the player without any external computer control.