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Manual are available for a small charge of 2.00 which is used for to pay for site hosting fees. Please click on the PayPal Donate button to make payment. I will  send you a URL for downloading the manual. 

Brochures are free. Please email, requesting which brochure you want.

Note: After making the PayPal donation please send me an email stating the manual you want otherwise I will presume the payment is purely a donation and no manual is required. Thanks.

If you have any queries please send me an email:


Hitachi VIP-9500 Manual
Hitachi VIP-9550 Manual


Kenwood LD-K300V Manual in Russian
Kenwood LVD-300 Manual
Kenwood LVD-310 Manual
Kenwood LVD-320 Manual
Kenwood LVD-700 Manual
Kenwood LVD-820 Manual


McIntosh MLD7020 Spec Sheet


Marantz LV-520 Manual


Mitsubishi M-V7057


Panasonic AG-LD20 Manual


Philips VP380 User Manual
Philips VP380 Service Manual (Incomplete)
This manual only shows the differences between the VP310 and the VP380. The VP310 manual is required which we do not presently have.
Philips VP931 Service Manual
Philips VP932 Service Manual


Pioneer CLD-1450 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-1750 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-2600, CLD-1600, CLD-600 Brochure Specifications
Pioneer CLD-2850 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-3070 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-A100 PAC-S1 Module User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D406 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D503 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D504 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D505 User Manual

Pioneer CLD-D605 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D701 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D702 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D704 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-D925 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-S104 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-S370 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-S304 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-S270 User Manual
Pioneer CLD-V2300D Brochure
Pioneer CLD-V2400 Brochure
Pioneer CLD-V2600 Brochure
Pioneer CLD-V2800 Brochure
Pioneer CLD-V4300D Brochure 
Pioneer DVL-700 User Manual
Pioneer DVL-90 User Manual
Pioneer DVL-909 User Manual
Pioneer DVL-919 User Manual
Pioneer DVL-V888 User Manual
Pioneer LD-870 User Manual
Pioneer LD-1000 User Manual
Pioneer LD-1000 Service Manual
Pioneer LD-1100 Operating Instructions
Pioneer LD-1100 Service Manual
Pioneer LD-V1000 Manual
Pioneer LD-V4000 Manual
Pioneer LD-V4400 Manual
Pioneer LD-V4400 Reference Guide
Pioneer LD-V8000 Manual
Pioneer PR-7820 Manual
Pioneer PR-8210 Manual
Pioneer PR-8210A Manual


Proscan PSLD46 Manual


Sony LDP-1000A User Manual
Sony LDP-1000A Programming Interface Manual
Sony LDP-1450 User Manual
Sony LDP-1450 Service Manual
Sony LDP-2000 User Manual 
Sony MDP-1000 User Manual
Sony MDP-333 User Manual
Sony MDP-455 User Manual
Sony MDP-605 User Manual
Sony MDP-A1 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) Manual
Sony MDP-600 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) Manual


Yamaha ADP-1 (AC3 Demodulator) User Manual
Yamaha CDV-1100 User Manual
Yamaha CDV-1700 User Manual
Yamaha CDV-300K (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) User Manual
Yamaha CDV-W901 User Manual


Last Updated 1st November 2007

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