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Denon Laserdisc Archive

Denonet Laserdisc Archive

The majority of the pages are still under construction. Although they may contain pictures of the laserdisc players, the hardware specifications still need adding.

If you have any details on players not included on this page (there are many I can't find details for) or pictures and specifications for existing laserdisc players please email any details.

Many thanks

Archive Laserdisc Players- Analogue & Digital
Archive Laserdisc Combi Players
Archived Laserdisc/DVD Combi Players

Denon LA-210
Denon LA-260C
Denon LA-270C
Denon LA-280C

Denon LA-560C

Denon LA-1600C
Denon LA-2000
Denon LA-2100
Denon LA-2150K aka Denonet LA-2150K (1992)
Denon LA-2500

Denon LA-2300
Denon LA-2700 (1997)
Denon LA-3000 (1992) 
Denon LA-3100 (1994)
Denon LA-3200
Denon LA-3300
Denon LA-3450K
Denon LA-3500 (1994)
Denon LA-3500KG
Denon LA-V2000G

Last updated 16th August 2006


Pioneer LD
Sony LD
Aiwa LD
Akai LD
Carver LD                 
Clarion LD
Columbia LD
Denon LD
Faroudja LD
Funai LD
Giga LD
Hitachi LD
Kenwood LD
Luxman LD
Magnavox LD
Marantz LD

McDonell Douglas

McIntosh LD
Mitsubishi LD
National LD
Onkyo LD
Panasonic LD
Philips LD
Pioneer LD
Proscan LD
Quasar LD
RDI Halcyon
Realistic LD
Runco LD
Samsung LD
Sansui LD
Sanyo LD
Sharp LD
Sony LD
Sylvania LD
Tandy LD
Teac LD
Technics LD
Telefunken LD
Theta LD
Toshiba LD
Yamaha LD
Zenith LD