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Pioneer LD-V6000A

The Pioneer LD-V6000 is an advanced industrial laser videodisc player with RS-232C interface. Full remote capability with optional remote. The Pioneer LD-V6000 model is a front loading tray unit, which will play 2 sizes of laserdiscs (non-autoreversing). It's an industrial-type unit, with a heavy duty power supply and made to withstand shock.

Features include:

Remote control capability 
Function selector DIP switches 
EXT SYNC inputs 
Phase controls 
Audio channel selection and CX noise reduction 
Video and RF outputs 
Full RS-232 interface with program run capabilities for commercial computer / multimedia control of educational and commercial interactive applications. 

Production Years 1983/1984 -1989 (or so I've heard :) 
Laser Type 2 pc Semiconductor laser diodes. 1 for reading data and one for tracking 
Color Variations Gray only 
Disc Types 12" CAV & CLV 8" CAV & CLV 
Audio Channels Analog 1/R & Analog 2/L no Digital audio. 
Weight About 15 Kg 
Voltage Versions 120VAC 50-60 Hz 112Watt 
Features RS-232C,Sync in out,Superior tracking 
AC3 Upgrade Is possible, but hard to install. 
Video Systems NTSC only (if anyone has any knowledge of another type please note me) 
Connections Audio left/right (phono), video (BNC), VHF in/out (F-Connector), Sync 2in/1out SC 2in/1out, EFM out (5 pin DIN) RS-232 in (25-pin DSUB & Centronics type). 

Original list price $1695.