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Pioneer LD-V4300D
European Market Only

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Pioneer LD- V4300D

Designed specifically for the interactive video and multimedia markets, Pioneer's new LD-V4300D laserdisc player brings the heavy-duty PAL/NTSC product to a new low price point, more than £500 below the established LDP-3600D offered by Sony. Pioneer's new machine lists for £995-00 + VAT. 

The LD-V4300D is Pioneer's first PAL/NTSC industrial player. Unlike the consumer CLD-1450 the new machine only outputs either a pure PAL or NTSC signal or in RGB. Video bandwidth is given as 4.1MHz (-6dB) for NTSC and 4.8MHz (-6dB) PAL with 42 and 40db signal-to-noise ratios respective≠ly. Digital audio performance is specified as a 2OHz-20KHz frequency response (+1dB) with a S/N figure of 102db. Analogue audio has the same response qualified by a 12dB tolerance and a signal-to-noise of 75dB. 

Access times for the player are good with a nominal 1 second search time for any frame on a CAV disc. An 'almost instantí jump up to 50 frames either side of the one in play is also claimed. CLV access is given as a maximum of 6 seconds.

An external synch lock to allow the player to be synchronised with other video sources is incorporated, as is an RS232 computer interface. Digital data can be off-loaded via a 5-pin EFM socket, which can be connected to an optional LV-ROM adaptor (the DA-V1000). A front socket can be connected to a bar code reader (for use with certain interactive/training type programmes, which use the system). 

As well as the usual status readouts on the TV screen the player can also generate up to 12 lines of 20 characters. Unlike consumer players, there is no status readout on the front panel of the machine though there is a set of five lights to indicate basic functioning. 

Voltage is switchable between 120 and 230 volts with a 10% tolerance allowable. Power consumption is given at 46 watts typical, 80 watts maximum. Dimensions are 420 x 125 x 433mm (w x h x d). An off-white colour scheme is used for the exterior easing. Weight is 12.6kg. 

No remote is supplied with the player. A basic set of scan/step/play controls is available on the front panel but other commands can only be input via a computer or an optional remote control. Pioneer did sell one, the RU-V103 for £37.00 (+VAT) which again differs from consumer convention by having membrane rather than button switching.

d-sub connections for the RGB output:

pin 1 gnd
pin 2 gnd
pin 3 red
pin 4 green
pin 5 blue
pin 6 NC
pin 7 NC
pin 8 CVBS
pin 9 PAL/NTSC toogle (PAL=hi, NTSC= low)

The archive site has a copy of a brochure for  the LD-V4300D. Please see the manuals page. 


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