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Pioneer DVL-V888

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture and specifications.

The archive site has a copy of the Operation Manual for the DVL-V888. Please see the manuals page. 


Pioneer DVL-V888

  • DVD/Laser/CD+G/CD/CDV Player
  • Dolby Digital (AC3)
  • Both-Side Play
  • Vocal Partner
  • Digital Echo
  • Scoring & Competition modes
  • Remote Controlled
  • DSP Three Mode Surround!

At last, the waitings over! Pioneer has perfected a multi-disc karaoke player that gives you all the superlative audio and video quality of DVD. DVD offers numerous advantages over conventional optical discs while throwing in plenty of brand-new functions such as multi-angle, multi-language/multi-voice, multi-aspect and parental lock. 

The DVL-V888 has been designed by Pioneer to put the amazing potential of DVD into the hands of karaoke and movie enthusiasts in a convenient and easy-to-use remote-controlled package. 

What's more, Pioneer's maintained full compatibility with previous optical disc formats. This means you can use it to play Video CD (V-CD), LaserDisc Karaoke, CD-G Karaoke, and LaserDisc (Movie) discs, as well as audio-only CDs. 

On the function side, the DVL-V888 is equipped with two microphone inputs, a digital echo and key control, a one-touch karaoke button, plus scoring and competition modes for evaluation of individual singing vocal performance comparison. 

Pioneer has also provided this player with the superb sound of Dolby Digital (AC-3), LD both-sides playback, DSP surround, a condition memory, a last memory, and much much more. With such incredible performance potential and so many possibilities for enjoyment, we're sure you'll agree the DVL-V888 has been well worth waiting for. 



Disc Type

DVD Video

5-inch (12 cm)

Digital Audio Characteristics


96 kHz/20-bit DAC


Frequency Response

4hz-44hz (DVD) 96kHz

4hz-20hz (CD)


Laser Disc

12-inch (30cm) CAV, CLV

Signal to Noise Ratio



8-inch (20cm) CAV,CLV

Dynamic Range




Compact Disc

5-inch (12 cm.)/3-inch (8 cm.)

Output/Input Terminals

Video Adapter Output terminals

RCA Jack  x 2 



CD Video



Audio output terminals

RCA jack x 2/S- Video x 1



CD+G (Graphics)



Audio Input Terminals

RCA Jack






Power requirements

AC 120V, 60hz







16-9/16 x 5-3/4 x 18-3/8 in. (WxHxD)


Video Characteristics

Horizontal Resolution

500 lines or higher (DVD)



18 lbs. 15 oz.



Main features:
Plays DVD, Laser Disc, CD, VCD
Karaoke - There's a special karaoke mode which will actually hide the vocal tracks on your music CDs allowing you to sing along.
The Epsilon-Turn mechanism quickly provides both-side play capabilities so there is no need to flip over discs.
The exclusive Vocal Scoring System scores your singing ability with point and cheers for a score of "BEST". It works by monitoring how well you sing on key. Not the quality of your voice.
The Competition Mode displays on-screen scores by individual performance or more than one singer.

Technical Features

  • Video CD Version 2.0 Playback
  • PAL/NTSC Dual System (DVD/Video CD)
  • LD Both-Side Play

Audio Features

  • 96kHz/20-bit D/A Converter

Video Features

  • 10-bit Video D/A Conversion (DVD/Video CD)
  • Digital Noise Reduction (Video CD)
  • DVP (Digital Video Processing) System (LD)
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Karaoke Features

  • 11-step Digital Key Control
  • Digital Echo
  • Separate Guide Melody
  • One-Chorus Function
  • Hi-Lite Medley**
  • Guide Vocal (Duet Chorus)**
  • One-Touch Karaoke (Vocal Cancel)
  • Vocal Partner
  • Scoring System (Vocal Scoring/Competition Modes)


  • Transfer Bit Rate Indicator (OSD)

Special Play Functions

  • Condition Memory (up to 30 discs) (DVD)
  • Continue Play Memory *
  • Cinema Mode (Personal Mode) (DVD/Video CD/LD)
  • Animation Mode (Personal Mode) (DVD/Video CD)


  • S-Video Output
  • 2 Video Output
  • 2 Audio Output
  • Optical Digital Output (for Dolby Digital/L PCM)
  • Coaxial Digital Output (for Dolby Digital/L PCM)
  • AC-3 RF Output (for LD)

Thanks to Sascha Grau for the above brochure pictures.