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Pioneer DVK-900

Thanks to Sascha Grau for the picture.

Main Functions:

* DVD video and the full compatible karaoke system of one somatotype which can play the LD, the LD-G, the video CD, the CD-G and the various karaoke disks (the ROM is excluded).
* Karaoke battle function and the grade function "throat stripe which rival score it is" other things, it loads, pleasant karaoke function such as LD-G&CD-G function and 11 gradual digital key control generously.
* Professional karaoke, colorful karaoke function only of DVD such as person duet.
* Such as the picture selection of music function which it can select music even on midst of song and 1st of tune just the one chorus function which can be sung, it pursues ease of use.
* The throat stripe it is you check your own weak point with function. After the playing ending you grade at 100 point perfect score.


External size / 805 (W) 568 (H) 570 (D) mm
mass / 43.5kg
electric power consumption: 113W

* The DVK-900, the DVL-K88, the CD-ROM, the CD-EXTRA and the photo CD, it is not possible to play back the DVD-ROM.
* The case of the connection with the DVK-900 and the television which does not have the external image input terminal, the RF modulator of selling separately - 5,250 Yen in JA-RF3L < standard price (including tax) > use. As for the DVL-K88, the television and the connection which do not have the external image input terminal are not produced.
* Because the tape deck of the DVK-900 is not suitable for the sound recording
* Playback of the metal tape and the chrome tape, please use the normal tape.
* With the DVK-900 and the DVL-K88, when the long time disk (the CLV) it plays back, it cannot play back standstill, the scene sending and multiple speed et cetera specially. In addition, as for the frame search with frame number and the time number search with time number it is not possible. - "Karaoke battle" "throat stripe it is", please enjoy with the karaoke disk where the model vocal enters.
* With the disk menu attaching DVD software there are some which do not operate in the function of the DVK-900 and the DVL-K88.


* DVD/LD/ video CD/CD (LD-G * CD-G) full compatible player.
* HiFi multiple sound many functions only of DVD.
* With rust medley function part of rust of each tune continual play.
* 1st of the tune which is reserved the one chorus function which just is played back.
* The throat stripe it is you check your own weak point with function. After the playing ending you grade at 100 point perfect score.
* You start from the having point 5,000 point. Singing the same tune simultaneously with two, the karaoke battle function which rivals score.
* Video CD noise reduction circuit loading.
* 10bit image D/A converter & 96kHz 20bitD/A converter loading.