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Pioneer CLD-V760



Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the picture and specifications.

Pioneer CLD-V760 - CD/CD+G

Pioneer Multi-Format Karaoke Player

The CLD-V760 Is Truly The A Fine Disc Player, With Capabilities For Virtually Every Digital Karaoke Format, Laser Discs, CD+Graphics, Audio CD's, and Even Laserdisc Movies. The CLD-V760 Incorporates A Full Complement Of Features, Including 11-Step Digital Stereo Key Control, And On Screen Cheerleading, As Well As A Number Of Exciting New Features Described Below. 

Vocal Scoring Competition Mode

To Add To The Karaoke Fun, Singers Can Test Their Skills Against Each Other With Pioneer's Exclusive Vocal Scoring Competition System, Which Rates Singing Performance Based On How Closely Each Singer Is In Tune And On Key. As Two People Sing At The Same Time, Each With Their Own Microphone, Their Scores Are Continuously Displayed On-Screen. The Singer With The Highest Score Wins. 

Guide Vocal Function

For Singers Who'd Like A Little Vocal Assistance, Pioneer's Guide Vocal System Is Just The Answer. Simply Select The Guide Vocal Function And, On Multiplex Karaoke Discs, The Lead Vocal Track Plays In Addition To The Music, With Variable Volume Control.

Enhanced Display Panel

The Redesigned Display Features Larger, Easier-To-Read Numbers, And Displays Disc Chapter Number, Time Information And Digital Key Control Settings. 

Unidirectional Microphone

The CLD-V760 Also Includes Pioneer's DM-02 Unidirectional Microphone.