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Pioneer CLD-V2600

The CLD-V2600 LaserDisc Player

The archive site has a brochure for the CLD-V2600. Please see the manuals page. 

The perfect multimedia solution for workstations and small group learning. The player offers full Level I and Level III integration, as well as advanced features like both analogue and digital audio channels and Clear Scan support for CLV discs.

Industrial Laserdisc Player

The CLD-V2600 is the latest innovative LaserDisc player from Pioneer. It is designed especially for use in demanding professional fields where videobased instruction and communications are rapidly growing. 

Offering functional versatility, easy operation, and long-term durability, the CLD-V2600 plays laserdiscs, audio CDs, and CDV discs. It can be operated by remote control, barcode, or computer -- or with the extensive controls right on the front panel. To meet the needs of applications in areas as diverse as education, training, merchandising, and public access information, this popularly priced model is packed with a host of new features such as a 2-speed shuttle dial control, an S-video terminal, a front panel display, and a headphone jack with volume control.

RS-232C Interface for Computer Control

The RS-232C Interface allows the CLD-V2600 to be connected to virtually any computer, including IBM, Macintosh, Apple II, or Amiga brands. In addition, the CLD-V2600 responds to the same standard command protocol as that used for Pioneer LaserDisc player models CLD-V2400, LD-V2200, and LD-V4400, so programs developed for these models can be used with little or no modification. This protocol for Pioneer players is sup-ported by dozens of multimedia authoring systems.

The CLD-V2600 LaserBarcode system conforms fully with the latest industry standards, and provides an easy way of remotely operating the LaserDisc player. Use an optional LaserBarcode reader to scan any barcode, and the CLD-V2600 will execute the playback commands encoded in that barcode. In the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom, anyone can make use of the barcoders incorporated into thousands of instructional and presentation support materials. In addition, barcode creation computer software, such as Bar'n'Coder, enables you to generate your own barcodes in order to integrate existing resource materials with videodisc-based presentations.

CD Audio Playback

Capable of Playing Five Kinds of Discs

In addition to playing both 12" and 8" laserdiscs, the CLD-V2600 is capable of playing standard 5" CD audio discs and 3" CD singles. It will also play 5" CDV format discs.

This laser disc player was not used in any laser disc games from the factory.  Using the Laser Ace Conversion Card, this player can be used in many other laser disc games, but performance is slightly slower than other models.  For more information on which games it will work with, see the Laser Ace home page.

Specifications  CLD-V2600 CLD-V2800 CLD-V5000 LV-V4400
LaserDisc (LD) NTSC 12-inch (30 cm) CAV, CLV
8-inch (20 cm) CAV, CLV
Compact Disc (CD) 5-inch (12 cm) 
3.5-inch (8 cm)
Video CD (VCD) 5-inch (12 cm) -na-
Material Type Acrylic, Policarbonate
Output Level 1volt p-p 10% (75 ohms terminated)
Horizontal Resolution 425 lines
Signal to Noise Ratio 50 dB  (unweighted EIAJ) 48 dB  (unweighted EIAJ) 50 dB  (unweighted EIAJ)
Output Level 200mVolts 15%; 1kHz at -20dB
Frequency Response 4Hz - 20kHz 0.5dB 4Hz - 20kHz 2dB 4Hz - 20kHz 0.5dB 4Hz - 20kHz 0.5dB
Signal to Noise Ratio better than 95 dB  better than 98 dB  better than 115 dB  better than 102 dB
Output Level 200mVolts 15%; 
1kHz at 40% modulation
200mVolts 22%; 
1kHz at 40% modulation
200mVolts 15%; 
1kHz at 40% modulation
200mVolts 20%; 
1kHz at 40% modulation
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz 2dB 20Hz - 20kHz 3dB 20Hz - 20kHz 2dB 20Hz - 20kHz 2dB
Video Output (1) RCA jack S-Video, F-type (75 ohms terminated) (1) RCA jack (75 ohms terminated), 
BNC composite sync/loop thru
Audio Output (1-set) RCA jacks (auto digital) (2-sets) RCA jacks (auto digital) (1-set) RCA jacks (auto digital)
Digital RS-232C Serial I/F, D-sub 15pin,1.2k/2.4k/4.8k/9.6k (bps)
LaserDisc Play Single Side  Dual Side Single Side 
Pick Up Mechanism 780 nono-meter Laser Diode 
Spindle Motor Brushless
Average Search time (LD) 1~54,000 (Frame) 4.5sec.
5~55min (Time) 11sec. 
1~54,000 (Frame) 4.5sec.
5~55min (Time) 11sec. 
5~55min (Time) 6sec. w TOC
1~54,000 (Frame) 4.5sec.
5~55min (Time) 7sec. w TOC
Disc Turn Time 12 sec.
1~54,000 (Frame) 1.0sec.
5~55min (Time) 6sec.
Stop Time (LD) Less than 5 sec. Less than 7 sec. Less than 6 sec.
User Display 20 characters x 12 lines 20 characters x 10 lines 20 characters x 12 lines
Functions Fully Automatic LD Tray & CD Tray
Remote Control (SR type CU-V113); Optional Remote Control (RU-V103)
Laser Barcode Mode 2 control built-in
BarCode CD
Command Protocols, Function switch, Dip switch
Fully Automatic LD Tray
Laser Barcode Mode 2 Command Protocols, On screen parameter selection
Optional Remote (RU-V103)
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 C
Operating Humidity Less than 85% no moisture condensation
Included Operationing Instructions Manual
Video Cable
Stereo Audio Cable
Wireless Remote Control (CU-V113A, large)
RF Modulator
Operationing Instructions Manual
Video Cable
Stereo Audio Cable
Wireless Remote Control  (CU-V113A, large)
RF Modulator, RF Antenna Cable, Antenna Adaptor
Operationing Instructions Manual
Video Cable
Stereo Audio Cable
Wireless Remote Control 
(CU-V151, 31 keys w Jog Shuttle)
RF Modulator, RF Antenna Cable, Antenna Adaptor
Operationing Instructions Manual
Video Cable
Stereo Audio Cable
UC-V109BC Pen-type Barcode Reader
UC-V108BC Scan-type Barcode Reader
CLD-V2600ML w V109 bundle CLD-V2800LB w V109 bundle CLD-V5000LB w V109 bundle
Remote Control (RU-V103)
Power Requirements AC 120volt, 50/60Hz, 3-prong USA plug
Power Consumption 95watts max
(30 watts typical)
80watts max
(33 watts typical)
92watts max
(48 watts typical)
Safety Regulations UL-1409, FCC Class B, CSA 22.2 No1 UL-1409, FCC Class B UL-1409, FCC Class B, CSA 22.2 No154
Dimensions (W x H x D) 16.5 x 4.8 x 15.6 inches 
(420 x 122 x 395 mm)
12.6 x 5 x 15.7 inches 
(320 x 128 x 399 mm)
16.5 x 5.2 x 15.9 inches 
(420 x 132 x 404 mm)
16.5 x 5.0 x 17.0 inches 
(420 x 128 x 432 mm)
Weight  17 lbs.  (7.7 kg) 12.5 lbs. (5.7 kg) 15.2 lbs. (6.9 kg) 28 lbs. (12.7 kg)
Pioneer Tech Support / Manuals CLD-V2600 / CLD-V2400 CLD-2800 CLD-V5000 LV-4400
RU-V113 Pioneer Industrial Wireless Remote Control
RU-V103 (aka CU-V113)
(for CLD Players)

This large button, membrane surface, durable remote is for use with most Pioneer CLD industrial players, particularly the CLD-V2400, CLD-V2600 and CLD-V2800.   Primary functions are clearly marked and easy to use: Play, Pause, Stop, FF/FR, StepF/R, Search, Repeat, etc.

Note:  "REJECT" button functions as "STOP", does not open disc drawer.