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Pioneer CLD-D703

Thanks to Bill Schwenke for the picture.

Pioneer's CLD-D703 is one of the highest rated Combi Laserdisc players. It's 
performance matches players costing several thousands of dollars more, including 
Pioneers own Elite series. The one feature that keeps this player from being 
state of the art is the lack of an AC-3 RF output. This feature is easily added 
with an upgrade circuit. The CLD-D704 is the same unit as the CLD-D703 with the 
inclusion of the AC3 circuit. A Tos-Link digital output makes this player "DTS 

Three-Optical Compatibility (LD, CDV and CD) 
Both-Side Play - Gamma-Turn 
Twin 1-bit D/A Converter 
Display Off 
CX Noise Reduction System 
Digital Level Control 
Horizontal Resolution - 425 lines 
Video Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 51dB 
DVP (Digital Video Processing) System 
V-DNR Variable Digital Noise Reduction 
Digital TBC (Time Base Corrector) 
Three-line Digital Comb Filter 
Digital Field Memory 
Convenience Features 
Film Mode 
Repeat Mode - 8 
Program Play (Chapter/Track, 24 Steps) 
Multi-Speed Play (Forward/Reverse, 4 Steps) - 9 Steps (CAV/CLV/CDV) 
Still/Step (Forward/Reverse) - (CAV/CLV/CDV) 
One-Shot Memory 
Random Play 
Compu PGM & Auto Program Edit (CD) 
Last Memory 
CD Deck Synchro 
10-Key Direct Search & Play (Chapter/Track) - Remote 
Frame/Time Number Search 
Track/Time Search (CD) 
Intro/Hi-Lite Scan 
On-Screen Information Display (24 Characters x 10 lines) 
On-Screen Level Meter Display 
Contents Calendar 
Special Functions 
SR (System Remote) Control - Illuminated & Power On/Off 
Jog & Shuttle - on Unit and Remote 
Independent CD Tray 
Direct CD 

Video Performance@
Horizontal Resolution - 425 lines 
Video Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 51dB 
Digital Audio Measurements 
Frequency Response - 4-20,000 Hz 
Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 115dB • Dynamic Range - 96dB 
Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.0035% 
Wow & Flutter - Unmeasurable (0.001% weighted peak or less) 

A/V Inputs/Outputs :

S-Video - 2 
Video - 2 
Audio - 2 pairs 
Digital Output (2) - Optical/Co-axial 
Headphone Jack