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Pioneer CLD-3080

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the pictures.

The CLD-3080 is the equivalent machine of the Japanese Pioneer CLD-909 and features a 4 fsc/8 bit digital video memory and a 3 line comb filter for improved Y/C separation through the S-Video output. The machine is a play both side machine combining digital frame store for CLV trick play. A new side change mechanism has been employed to improved the speed of side changes and reduce vibration. The player sports double audio and video outputs on the rear panel and uses a 8x/18 bit digital analogue converter.

LaserDisc Playback Functions
Alpha turn system
Two sides playback
Three types of A-Side B-Side continuous playback programs
Still frame with sound playback and strobe motion playback
Rich variety of special playback functions
Multi-speed and Still/Step playback using the Jog Dial and Shuttle Ring repeat playback CD Playback Functions Program playback
Auto program editing
Repeat playback

Other Features
 Simple file function for storing programs
One shot memory function
Last memory function
Auto loading and auto disc discrimination functions
8 times over sampling digital filter and twin D/A converters for excellent sound quality
Built in dynamic range extension circuit for improved image clearness and color retention
S-video output
Digital Sound
AC 120V, 60 Hz, 50 Watts