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The NEC PDE-LD1 is cloned version of the Pioneer CLD-A100, See the CLD-A100 for details of the plug in modules.


Initial LaserActive Discs 

Pyramid Patrol - A Mega-LD 3-D shoot- 'em-up set on Mars in the near future. The participant sees the planet from the cockpit of a space fighter and has to engage approaching enemies. The game has seven rounds with the spacecraft being able to absorb a certain amount of damage before the game is terminated. The high quality computer graphics and extremely fast scrolling background are claimed to match arcade game standards. [Publisher: Taito] 

The Great Pyramid - Is a moving video encyclopedia for the Mega-LD module. (But what a confusing choice of title; surely out of five launch titles they could have managed better than have two of them with pyramid in them?) This is a 4,000-year history of Egypt focusing on the pyramids, pharaohs, Egyptian gods and mysteries of the civilisation. The disc is accessed by clicking on on-screen icons. [Pioneer] 

I Will - An interactive movie with much of the footage shot in London. Professor

Ozone’s new inventions are stolen and the player must track down the culprit. The disc can switch between maps of the city and footage of the actual location. The disc is bilingual (Japanese/English). The second side comprises a guided tour of England in the standard LD format with a narration by Japanese actress, Hideko Hara, [Pioneer] 

Quiz Econosaurus - For the NEC module, this Hudson Soft produced game is in a quiz format that up to four people can play. It has an ecology theme and is based on the Ryo Hondo comic Hideko Hara [Pioneer]

The Demon's Judgment - Another one for the NEC nodule, it is again a quiz game. Demon Kogure a popular Japanese rock star, acts as host and passes judgment on the participants. There are 20 themes with a total of 100 questions. The target audience is a large gathering rather than just one or two players. [Planet] 

Angel Mate - Strip poker in which the participant takes on three porno actresses at either poker or roulette. Every time the player wins a hand the actresses sheds an item of clothing The film footage is 35mm originated thus ensuring high quality visuals. Innovative use of lighting and clever angles give an interac­tive feel" says the publicity material! Angel Mate is targeted at an adult audience, one that will have the NEC module too. [Planet] 

High Roller Battle - An aerial battle game for the Mega module. The explosions are encoded in Dolby Surround to add realism. [October release - Pioneer].

Manhattan Requiem - Is an interactive adventure with a mystery storyline for the NEC. The task is to unravel the plot through conversations with 40 characters. The on-screen text can be switched between Japanese and English [October release: Riverhill Software]. 

Varja - An NEC 3 D shooting game featuring high speed high quality compu­ter graphics and which claims to achieve a level of virtual reality not previously seen in home video games.  It takes place in Geopolis, a floating city in Osaka Bay with the players piloting Vajra, a flying robot created by ancient telekinetic pow­ers. Vajra must combat Kugutsuki demons that have been re-incarnated. [October release – Pioneer] 

Space Berserker - Another space shooting game with humans battling aliens in the year Omega 193 (that's next Thursday week in old money). [October release - Pioneer]. 

To further stimulate LaserActive develop­ment, a Multimedia Creators Network has been established the first fruits of whose work should appear in December. The idea is to combine the diverse talents of game specialists, moviemakers and academics to develop new themes and programmes Three titles are currently in development. 

3-D Museum - A museum style database of 3-D worlds created by a combination of computer graphics, film footage and 3-D audio. The programme is making use of both Japanese and American talent. [Provisional December release.]

Melon Brain - The title is a reference to the melon-shaped brain that it is unique to dolphins. Dr John C. Lilly a leading authority on dolphins. Bob Talbot a top underwater cameraman, and Estelle Myers, the Australian dolphin researcher are putting together this interactive programme. [Provisional February 1994 release.] 

Goku - The world's seven great civilisations are investigated in this edutainment programme produced in conjunction with NUK Enterprises. Kadokowa Shoten Publishing and Dai Nippon Printing. [Provisional May 1994 release].