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As Laserdiscs and laserdisc players are now rapidly being displaced by DVD I've put together 'The Laserdisc Archive' containing an authoritative list of hardware from the major manufacturers.

The list of players will initially consist of recently available machines as details are easier to track down. But over the forthcoming months I hope to put together a list of older players from Japan/Asia, North America and Europe, covering not only consumer laserdisc players but industrial models. Other laserdisc developments are also listed: 

LaserActive and 

Muse High Definition LaserDisc.

If you have any specification details, pictures or scanned images of any laserdisc players or know of any interesting laserdisc sites on the web were I may obtain further information, please drop me an email by clicking the large rotating 'e'.

I would like to thank the following people for providing many of the pictures and details on the Archive site:

Hartmut Hackl
Michael Pollock
Peter Löf
Ralf Beckers
Sascha Grau



LaserDisc Archive last updated: 27th December 2005

Muse High Definition Laserdisc Article Laserdisc Cabinets from Pioneer and Forshun
LaserActive How to Connect a LaserDisc Player Using MCI Driver -
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 135037
How Laserdiscs Are Manufactured
Ecodisc Article circa 1988
Origins of Laserdisc (MCA DiscoVision)
Laserdisc Player AC3 Upgrades
Out of Print Laserdiscs
Criterion Laserdiscs
Cleaning Laserdisc
Laserdisc Manuals

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