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Kenwood LVD-290

Thanks to Hartmut Hackl for the details and picture.

Kenwood introduced this player in the 1997 European catalogue to provide a source for their new AC-3 Receivers. Though intended for Europe, it didn't play PAL software. Also, there were no digital or S-Video outputs.
It typically retailed for approx 400.

2 Sets of Stereo Audio outputs 2 Composite (Cinch) Video outputs 2 separate microphone inputs (for Karaoke) AC-3 RF output Net Weight 6.8kg Power Consumption 35W 440 x 127 x 389 mm Frequency response: 4Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 1,0dB THD: 0.003% Impedance of the analog sound output: 2,0V / 1 kOhm Dynamic range: 118 dB 425 Lines (NTSC) CDV, CD and LD compatible (NTSC only) 220V / 50 Hz